Questions on Self-Knowing God-Knowing

General Questions

What sort of program and what kind of school should be established in the world, that if its graduates do not do goodness to the human race, they would never do harm?

1st Goblet for the Fortification of Faith

Knowing Oneself - Knowing God

Based on the truth contained in these epistles, with which readers will be intimately acquainted, with God's assistance they will succeed in correcting all their inward and outward defects and faults.

2nd Goblet for the Fortification of Faith

Magnificence and Perfection of Glorious Artificer in Arts

Surely, the reader will read this series of particular luminosities all over, with full interest. They are the extract and outcome of 2,500 verses of the Quran and of related Ahaadeeth.

3rd Goblet for the Fortification of Faith

Man and the Secrets of Nearness

We do hope that by reading this Epistle, the intellectual faithful, will uncover, within the proposed questions, truths which may not be apparent to them from many readings of the books of the Interpretation of the Quran and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad.

4th Goblet for the Fortification of Faith

Man and the Philosophy of Test

Human beings can live in peace and harmony, only when they understand what transforms a sound and knowledgeable person to become ill-tempered. Whenever, humanity succeeds in this secret, then truly peace will be assured for all human beings.

5th Goblet for the Fortification of Faith

The Secrets of Creation up to the Court of Greatness

These writings can gratify humanity's wish for a comfortable, peaceful and prosperous life generalizing the principles of equality and brotherhood, and the pursuit of justice for all...

6th Goblet for the Fortification of Faith

Alphabets of the Secrets of the Quran

Often during my lectures, devout and compassionate young people, have requested a compendium of verses of the Quran and the Hadith, as well as of other writings by great Islamic scholars, such that each word of it would contain life's great secrets...

Daleel-ul Zakireen

Reasoning for those Remembering

One can have the privilege of being met and greeted by Angels whenever he/she has uninterrupted remembrance of Almighty God through zikr / dhikr.

Jawahiri Mawjood

The Existing Essences Still Lost

In the view of an intelligent man, every leaf on a green tree contains volumes of insight into Almighty God.


The Soul

What is the Soul? What is the World of Command? What types of Souls are there? What are the effects and capabilities of the Soul? About the Spirituality of Prophets, Magnanimous Saints, and the Pious Believers.

Jahan ba Telescob Quran

The World from the Telescope of the Quran

In this book, utmost effort has been made to prove that our turbulent world with all its amazing variations, transformations, and creations, including man, has not been created in vain.

Shams-ul Marif

The Sun of Gnosis

The speech of the man of God revives you, while the speech of any vulgar defiles you. Accompany less those profane, from their talk you will become insane. A piece of cloud can dim the sun with such brightness.


Article 1

From Flower to Fruit

What if Almighty God had made it our obligation to protect and care for each specific blossom as it appeared on the tree, requiring that it should be tended during the process of flower to fruit that includes pollination, fertilization, development of seed, falling off of petals, up until the time of full development of fruit’s core and eating part?

Article 2

Oil and Gas Fields Provisions from God

If Almighty God had not created subterranean reservoirs in porous rock formations for oil and natural gas, how can mankind extract millions of barrels of crude oil on a daily basis?

Article 3

Water Filtration Through Evaporation

If Almighty God had not made saline sea water into fresh water through the process of evaporation and condensation, then how would precipitation—rain, snow and hail—be of any use for human consumption?

Article 4

Had God Let Infant Mortality Cut Our Lives Short

Had God let child or infant mortality cut our lives short before reaching our fifth or even first birthday, or had our childhood be afflicted by paralysis, various types of childhood disorders and disabilities, or had He deprived us of becoming literate or receiving any education, what would have happened then?

Article 5

Ocean Salinity Made Useful by God, The Beneficent

If Almighty God had not maintained the salinity level in the world's oceans, would it them be possible to live on earth with the fetid smell? The answer is no. Who else but the Self-Existent Almighty God places all these salts and their disinfecting compounds therein, in accurate measures?

Article 6

Seed Germination

What if God Almighty, through His omnipotence, had not conferred sufficient energy to weak seeds, such as wheat, oatmeal and the like, to emerge from underneath the earth, and even hard stones, after cultivation? What if we human beings had to perform this function ourselves?

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